We are Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep

So, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies, infectious rhythms, and fresh energy of Unsafe Released Music and Unsafe Deep. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, we skillfully fuses elements from various genres, blending happy melodies, infectious grooves and basslines into a signature sound of Unsafe. From disco to introspective tracks that tickles your ears πŸ™‚

About Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep

We from Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep are a collaboration of several artists working and releasing music in different musical styles.

Unsafe Released cannot be labelled to one style or genre but Unsafe Deep is pure Deep..

Contributions by: Alley, Ayla, Genelly, Lorain, Jaimy T, Kurioza, The Girl Next Door, D.R.S. , Fiorella, Damian, Allison Reese, Dylan, Taylor Carr, Joy Cee & Marco Vader
Special appearance/contribution: Grafezzy (MC)

We are releasing projects under license of DK Records and own music label Unsafe Released Music (Chamber of Commerce number 67382835)

Do you need a beat and/or melody track, a recording of a vocal (with a Neumann U87 microphone πŸ™‚ or a producer for a collaboration project? Contact me via info@marcovader.nl My musical genre interest is not limited by one or two πŸ™‚

Upcoming release on vinyl ! Expected @ 01-12-2023

The forth coming release is a celebration of one year Unsafe. 10 of the best performing songs on streaming services pressed on real vinyl πŸ™‚ The record will be available via a web shop and in real record stores (to be announced which stores to be available). The design of the cover is as good as ready.

Released in August & September 2023

Jealousy is a nu-disco track with a very nice vocal and a surprising lead of a electric guitar in the chorus. Something different and unsafe of course.

The next release (Twin Peaks) is a blend of classical/cinematic voices and spheres combined deep house synths and baselines. Cover/artwork is made with MidJourney, a fantastic tool for very easy (and a bit of “lean back” πŸ™‚ design.

Don’t Stop This Show” is a Nu/Future Disco track with Italo Disco influences. A real happy uplifting disco tickle your mind track.

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Some studio pics & sjizzle πŸ™‚

Mixing desk & equipment used @studio Unsafe Released || Unsafe Deep – Marco Vader
Equipment used @studio Unsafe Released || Unsafe Deep – Marco Vader

For more info about my studio activities see the website (in Dutch)

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