We are Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep

So, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies, infectious rhythms, and fresh energy of Unsafe Released Music and Unsafe Deep. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, we skillfully fuses elements from various genres, blending happy melodies, infectious grooves and basslines into the signatured sound of Unsafe. From disco to introspective tracks that tickles your ears πŸ™‚

Unsafe Crossroads – The Album, available on 12″vinyl

Out now! Unsafe Crossroads is a one year anniversary release of Unsafe Released. Started in October 2022 with the first single When you run away. It was a small project that tasted good. The best releases of 2023 are now available on a 12″vinyl record.

The 10 of the best performing (and my favorite) songs pressed on real vinyl. The record is on-line available at (click on the link to go directly to the album in the store):

and available in the following record stores:

The design of the cover has become a real color full piece of artwork so you can frame it and use it also as art decoration πŸ™‚

EAN 8720844032914 – Under license Bumra Stemra 10700001

Released in November & December 2023

Released in October 2023

Expect funky, soul and disco in the forth coming releases. Something different and unsafe of course.

Released in August & September 2023

Jealousy is a nu-disco track with a very nice vocal and a surprising lead of a electric guitar in the chorus. Something different and unsafe of course.

The next release (Twin Peaks) is a blend of classical/cinematic voices and spheres combined deep house synths and baselines. Cover/artwork is made with MidJourney, a fantastic tool for very easy (and a bit of “lean back” πŸ™‚ design.

Don’t Stop This Show” is a Nu/Future Disco track with Italo Disco influences. A real happy uplifting disco tickle your mind track.

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About Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep

We from Unsafe Released & Unsafe Deep are a collaboration of several artists working and releasing music in different musical styles.

Unsafe Released cannot be labelled to one style or genre but Unsafe Deep is pure Deep..

Contributions by: Alley, Ayla, Genelly, Lorain, Jaimy T, Kurioza, The Girl Next Door, D.R.S. , Fiorella, Damian, Allison Reese, Dylan, Taylor Carr, Joy Cee & Marco Vader
Special appearance/contribution: Grafezzy (MC)

We are releasing projects under license of DK Records and own music label Unsafe Released Music (Chamber of Commerce number 67382835)

Do you need a beat and/or melody track, a recording of a vocal (with a Neumann U87 microphone πŸ™‚ or a producer for a collaboration project? Contact me via info@marcovader.nl My musical genre interest is not limited by one or two πŸ™‚

For more info about the studio activities see the website (in Dutch)

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