About Unsafe Released

We from Unsafe Released are a collaboration of several artists working and releasing music in different musical styles.

Background of Unsafe Released: after 10+ years of recording and mixing for other artists, Marco Vader, producer within this collaboration, wanted to create, record, mix and master own tracks. The first 2 tracks, released in October 2022, where inspired by the classical music he grew up with, combined with today’s electronic and dance, or in 80’s terms “4 on the floor” drums in conjunction with acoustic instruments. The following up releases where based on strong vocal foundations in different styles and genres because, Unsafe Released is not to be labelled to one style or genre πŸ™‚

Contributions by: Alley, Ayla, Genelly, Lorain, Jaimy T, Kurioza, The Girl Next Door, D.R.S. , Fiorella, Damian, Allison Reese, Dylan, Taylor Carr, Joy Cee & Marco Vader
Special appearance/contribution: Grafezzy (MC)

We are releasing projects under license of DK Records and own music label Unsafe Released Music (Chamber of Commerce number 67382835)

Do you need a beat and/or melody track, a recording of a vocal (with a Neumann U87 microphone πŸ™‚ or a producer for a collaboration project? Contact me via info@marcovader.nl My musical genre interest is not limited by one or two πŸ™‚

Mixing desk & equipment used @studio Unsafe Released – Marco Vader

For more info about my studio activities see the website (in Dutch)

Music Videos